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  1. Spend a few days in Sun Valley, ID, home of the annual Allen and Company conference, and you’ll understand why the top names in media and technology gather here for a week of summer camp. The weather is perfect and the stars come out at night.

    So do the moguls, who are known to gather en masse at the resort’s Duchin bar every evening to network with each other and occasionally toss out a juicy tidbit to the journalists who gather nearby. Or, if you’re Marissa Mayer and Tim Armstrong, you take a really long meeting late into the night to fuel speculation of a Yahoo! and AOL merger. 

    The real stories won’t come out until later. We all saw Jeff Bezos have lunch with Donald Graham at last year’s summit, but it wasn’t until August that the sale of The Washington Post to the Amazon founder was confirmed. The beat reporters that have to churn out a story every day at any cost do have it rough in Sun Valley.

    At the end of the day, however, you really are just hanging out in the woods with some of the most influential people in the world. Occasionally they may even buy you a round of drinks. 

  2. Can’t get enough of the World Cup? Follow Gary Hershorn as he documents the ambiance and the action through the group rounds across Brazil on our Instagram:

  3. Bolts of lightning hits the antenna on top of One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan as an electrical storm moves over New York, May 23, 2014. INSIDER IMAGAES/Gary Hershorn

  4. Backstage portraits of Social Media Week speakers.

  5. On the same week that Facebook announced one of the largest acquisitions in social media history with a $19 billion buy of WhatsApp, it seemed appropriate that we were in the middle of photographing in-house for Social Media Week, a worldwide conference that touches base in New York every February.

    Large crowds flowed into a building across the street from Google’s New York headquarters to see speakers like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti and former AOL chief Steve Case, participate in masterclass sessions hosted by leaders in Social Media marketing, and learn skills like the art of Vine stop motion video. Of course, what’s a conference without the parties? A fashion show featuring wearable technology and a closing party with DJs in flashing techno-animal masks wrapped up the week.

    For more info, visit Social Media Week’s website.

  6. The Super Bowl is America’s biggest sporting event of the year, and Insider Images photographer Andrew Kelly was on site to cover a little bit of everything for the Reuters wire from an interesting position: full wandering access around the stadium. 

  7. Diddy and Diageo join forces for a second drink, DeLeón Tequila. 

    To read more about this historic deal, check out this article in Forbes.

  8. Happy New Year from the team at Insider Images! (Photo: INSIDER IMAGES/Andrew Kelly)

  9. Ford CEO Alan Mulally unveils the 2014 Mustang in Times Square, NYC. INSIDER IMAGES/Andrew Kelly

  10. Black Friday shopping begins at Toys”R”Us Times Square.


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